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Coastal Medical Transportation Services

Coastal Medical Transportation Services, LLC is a medical transportation company offering a personalized experience to every client. CMTS provides its clients with wheelchair and walk-on transportation to and from their desired destination or event, for both medical and non-medical appointments. CMTS is dedicated to providing best in class client care, and utilizes the latest image technology to provide paperless patient care reports.

CMTS is owned, operated, and managed by local medical and business professionals, each of whom take great pride in serving and giving back to their community. Each member of the CMTS team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and service, and treat each client with loyalty, honesty, and dignity.

CMTS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call CMTS today to schedule a service, and we will bring you wherever you need to go. We look forward to working with you.


Wheelchair Transportation Services

Coastal Medical Transportation Services wheelchair transport service provides patients confined to a wheelchair with an easily accessible transportation vehicle. All vehicles are equipped with low-to-the-ground ramps, which extend out at various lengths for stress-free loading and unloading.

Coastal Medical Transportation Services values the happiness and comfort of our passengers. Our vehicles are equipped with components that provide the ultimate safety and comfort for all passengers. The VPG MV-1 features low-to-the-ground side ramps that extend out at two different lengths, making for easy loading and unloading of wheelchair patients. Unlike similar handicap accessible vehicles, the patient in the wheelchair is positioned where the passenger seat would be in a regular vehicle. This positioning gives the patient an enjoyable ride alongside the driver, while also giving the transporter the opportunity to closely monitor the patient.

Advanced Life Support

Coastal Medical Transportation Services’ Advanced Life Support (ALS) service is for the acute non-emergency transportation of patients requiring the care of a Paramedic in addition to Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). General ALS transportation situations include patients requiring:

  • Cardiac monitoring

  • Administration of a respirator or oxygen

  • Continuous IV

  • Emergency calls from hospital to hospital

Basic Life Support

Coastal Medical Transportation Services’ Basic Life Support (BLS) service is for patients who do not require cardiac monitoring during their medical transportation. All BLS ambulances are staffed with Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), who are trained to make prompt treatment decisions. General BLS transportation situations include:

  • Discharge to home or sub-acute care facilities

  • Lower extremity injuries or fractures

  • Psychiatric patients

  • Medical and surgical patients who do not require cardiac monitoring

All Coastal Medical Transportation Services BLS ambulances carry state-of-the-art medical supplies including bandages, splints, oxygen delivery devices, spinal immobilization equipment, defibrillator, and blood pressure monitoring equipment.


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